Episode 22, Shameless

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Andy interviews game designer and publisher Jason Kotarski about his new company and upcoming game, Fidelitas.

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Episode 3, Something Old/Something New with Battle Line and 23

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In this episode we get to know hosts Jason and Andy and their personal gaming tastes along with a look at Knizia’s new classic Battleline and a newer card game from Germany called 23.

Games Mentioned in this episode:

Battle Line




Tales of the Arabian Nights

Ticket To Ride

Tales of the Arabian Nights



Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island


Forbidden Island

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EP02, Dice Hate Me’s Chris Kirkman

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In this episode, Jason chats with Dice Hate Me Games‘ publisher Chris Kirkman about some of his favorite filler games and his new line of small box card games in the “Rabbit” line.

Some of the games mentioned include:

Diner, Brewcrafters: The Travel Card Game, Pie Factory, Easy Breezy Travel Agency, Isle of Trains, The Fittest, No Thanks!, and Timeline.



Thanks to the sponsor of our first 3 epsiodes!

This dude. Good stuff.

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Thanks to the sponsor of our first 3 epsiodes!